How Can One Sync Windows Hotmail With Thunderbird Using POP?

You can simply use Thunderbird email for Windows Live Mail. Mozilla disembodied spirit helps us to transfer all the messages from the Hotmail server and save them on your system disc drive. You&’ll be able to additionally compose new messages, browse and delete emails with the assistance of the Thunderbird. Here, we have a tendency to provide you the knowledge by that you’ll be able to simply tack your Windows with Mozilla Thunderbird through POP. You only ought to undergo these steps to setup Windows Hotmail with Thunderbird. Also, contact Hotmail Customer Support Number for help.

Sync Hotmail in Mozilla Thunderbird using POP:

 First go to the menu of Mozilla Thunderbird and select tools, in tools menu go to Account Settings.

 Here, Add Account

 Then choose your Email account and tap continue.

 Now, provide your name in the given field.

 After it, write your Hotmail email address in next section and click continue.

 Now, Select the type of incoming server you are using. Here you need to choose POP.

 And in the Incoming Server section, Type “”. After it, tap continues button.

 Again enter your complete email address in Incoming User Name.

 Then you also need to enter your email address in Outgoing User Name. Press Continue.

 Again tap Continue.

 Click Done.

 Now, you have to go in Server Settings section of the account.

 Here, choose SSL from Use secure connection area.

 Make sure “995” is written under Port field.

 Search for Outgoing Server (SMTP).

 Tap Add.

 In the Description section, enter “Windows Live Hotmail”.

 Write “” at the Server Name space.

 Ensure “25” is written under Port.

 Enter “587” in place of “25” if you come across some issues.

 Mark Use name and password option surely.

 Write down your complete Hotmail email address.

 In Use secure connection, select TLS.

 Click OK.

 Now, move back to your account’s root.

 In Outgoing Server (SMTP) choose “Windows Live Hotmail –”

 Finally, click OK.

So, by applying the above given steps you will be able to successfully sync Hotmail with thunderbird with POP. If you ever face any issue with your email account or need any info related to it then you can contact Hotmail Customer Service Number. The experts at this helpline are available 24/7.



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